Advancing Earth Observation with every swipe and tap

Earth Observation needs classified satellite imagery to support research. SentinelSwipe is a mobile app that lets you classify satellite imagery obtained by ESA's Sentinel satellite missions.
Prototype APK download coming soon.

Why SentinelSwipe?

In Earth Observation research, it is essential to know what satellite images contain and how their features can be interpreted.

Researchers working with satellite data have to process and classify large amounts of satellite imagery before they can extract insights and draw conclusions. Most of the time, this is too much data for a small team to handle. SentinelSwipe is an app that distributes this effort to the crowd who can thus contribute towards advancing Earth Observation research by providing batches of classified satellite images.

By using SentinelSwipe to classify and tag satellite imagery obtained from the Sentinel missions, you are providing machine learning systems with the needed seed data to make predictions that can automate satellite image processing.

SentinelSwipe is a fork of the MapSwipe project.